Speck Electronics MicPre 5.0

Speck Electronics MicPre 5.0

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The MicPre 5.0 is an elegant compact package with thick aluminum faceplate, steel chassis, and... mehr
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The MicPre 5.0 is an elegant compact package with thick aluminum faceplate, steel chassis, and an ergonomic layout of knobs and buttons. The front panel controls include a high quality rotary switch that adjusts the Gain in 5dB steps from +10dB to +60dB and a variable Trim of +/-10dB for a total gain of 70dB.

A balanced 1/4" D.I. input jack is selected with the Mic/DI select switch.
A 20dB pad and +48V phantom can be selected for the mic signal.
A Phase Reverse is located after the preamp gain stage.
A High Pass filter section with Bypass switch will sweep the frequency from 30Hz to 250Hz.
The Output "Xfmr/Active" switch selects Transformer-balanced output or Active-balanced output.
A 10 segment LED VU Meter is referenced to +4dBu for a 0 VU reading.
To the right of the VU meter is a mix section with Level, Pan and Mute.
The source for the mix section can be the mic preamp or any line level signal plugged into the Line In jack.

The "MicPre 5.0" is a complete single channel microphone preamp that offers features and flexibility for use in the most serious recording applications.

The signal path consists of a matched discrete transistor front-end, premium IC's, and transformer output stage.
With the push of a button, the MP5.0 can change from an "Transformer-Balanced" output to a "Active-Balanced" output.

The compact 1/2 rack format of the MP5.0 can easily be rack mounted and combined with the Speck Model ASC equalizer to create a highly functional outboard channel strip.

The MicPre 5.0 also includes a mix section that makes it perfect for DAW's and remote recording.

Key Features

- Matched discrete transistor input / transformer output.
- 70 dB of preamp gain.
- Precision stepped gain control with variable trim control.
- Variable high pass filter.
- Mix output section with level, pan and mute.
- Mix section can be "linked" with additional MP5.0's.
- Transformer "and" active balanced outputs.
- High resolution 10 segment LED VU meter.
- Internal power supply with toroidal transformer.
- All input, output, and insert connectors are balanced.
- Can be linked to Model ASC equalizer to form channel strip.

What is a Mix Node?

The mix section of the MicPre 5.0 provides a separate left/right mix out with level, pan and mute.

With only a simple interface cable, this mix section, or "Mix Node" can be linked with any number of MP5.0's to form a fully
integrated mix section.

In many situations such as desktop or location recording, this expandable feature of the MP5.0 can eliminate the need for a
separate audio mixer.

Flexible Signal Routing

The MP5.0 is more than a mic pre. It gives you a surprising number of signal routing alternatives.
Just use your imagination when plugging up the MP5.0.
Since the MP5.0 works with balanced or unbalanced gear, you will not be stuck looking for the proper cable or worrying about level
compatibility between dissimilar gear.

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